Who We Are

Our History

  • Founded by Jesse Hardman in 2013
  • Launched to bring Internews’s international experience and strategies around serving community information needs to the U.S. We’ve since conducted 9 Information Ecosystem Assessments and 10 Information Needs Assessments
  • The first project focused on rebuilding and adapting trusted information networks in post-Katrina New Orleans; it pioneered sharing civic news and information via SMS
  • It also inspired a “Playbook,” which we launched in 2017, and outlined a 7-step community engagement process to assist media outlets and community groups in creating their own Listening Post-inspired news and information platforms
  • At least 75 people and/or organizations have used the LPC playbook in communities throughout the United States

Our Values

Listening is our greatest tool

We start with listening. We ask questions that help us understand how we can be of service to communities.

Cultivating local power is essential

We help build power by providing tools and advice that help partners understand community needs and identify ways to help strengthen and sustain their work.

Being adaptable and responsive strengthens collaborations

There isn’t one tool, process, or approach in building news and information solutions for communities. We develop toolkits, playbooks and strategies that are adaptable and meet partners where they are.

Trust is earned

We earn trust by being transparent about what is driving our work, what we think, what we don’t know, and we show up for the people we work with.

Equitable media requires culturally relevant solutions and transformative investments

We help build power by providing tools and advice that inspires partners to understand community needs and identify ways to strengthen and sustain their work

Local News in the U.S. is Facing Several Challenges

  • The historic and expanding instability in the news industry diminishes civic engagement and fuels mis/disinformation
  • News and information solutions don’t always address community needs
  • BIPOC/Immigrant media leaders need more support + advocacy systems