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About Us

The Listening Post Collective is a project of Internews. Launched to bring international experience and strategies around serving community information needs to the U.S., the Listening Post Collective is made up of former journalists, business leaders, humanitarian activists, grassroots organizers, and public policy analysts.

Our News Information Crisis

  • The historic and expanding news deserts diminish civic engagement and fuels mis/disinformation
  • Even in places that have robust traditional news ecosystems and are not considered “news deserts,” there are whole communities who still lack equitable access to information. Legacy journalism often misrepresents or ignores altogether the stories of BIPOC and immigrant communities
  • Equitable media leaders need more support + advocacy systems

What We Do

We partner with people and organizations to develop local news and information solutions that help communities thrive. Fostering equitable media leadership requires trust and time. We work to listen, build networks, understand information needs, and develop real solutions through true collaboration.

Our Vision

At the Listening Post Collective, we envision a world where everyone lives not in a news desert but in an information garden, where everyone has access to high-quality, culturally-relevant, civic information in accessible languages and on issues that impact them.

We see a future where civic power is strengthened by equitable, civic media.

We’re Uniquely Situated To Take On This Work


We draw on 40 years of global experience building healthy media and information environments, especially in vulnerable communities.


Our three-step civic media design process is straight forward – listen, seed, and cultivate- and it guides us towards a deep and authentic understanding of how to support communities.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Listening Post Collective Partners meet with LPC Senior Business Strategist Silvia Rivera at a conference in Austin, Tx

This month we say goodbye to an amazing colleague and friend, Silvia Rivera, who has transformed our work over the past 3+ years. We’re so luck to have worked with such a thoughtful, mission driven, and incredibly fun person. Here are Silvia’s parting words of wisdom on the LPC stage

Creating Trust and Engagement in Trenton’s Black Community

One of our newest Listening Post Collective members, reporter Kenny Miles, has been deep in the weeds of listening to his Trenton, New Jersey community as he tries to meet growing local information needs. Despite wearing ALL the hats at his civic media outlet Trenton Journal, Kenny took the time to share some insights he’s learned while building a news conversation with his community. Take it away Kenny…

Mapping Info Needs in Tribal Communities

As part of a 2011 information ecosystem assessment of tribal areas, we spent some time learning and most importantly listening to how White Earth and Pine Ridge residents are developing culturally relevant information channels to keep residents up on all the news they need to know.

Engaging and Emerging Civic Media

The Listening Post Collective co-sponsored the recent Engaging Emergence civic media conference in Philadelphia. Seven LPC partners and a host of collaborators joined more than a 100 other journalism practitioners, innovators, and educators dedicated to centering community in media. 

Chilling and Listening

Mariah Castañeda is the Co-founder and Audience Director for the civic media outlet Los Angeles Public Press. As a new community led shop, they wanted to make sure they started building their news strategy by getting peoples input. Mariah graciously shared some tips on how to build listening into a media startup.

News & Insights

A Call  For a Civic Media Renaissance – It’s About Damn Time

August 8, 2022

Our vision is to work with partners throughout the country to incentivize the launch of new civic media projects that will inspire communities to build the power needed to strengthen our democracy.

Our Impact

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The Listening Post Collective at Internews really understands the importance of supporting strong and resilient communities through information access, community engagement, and by supporting the growth of a strong civic infrastructure. Listening Post Collective is not extractive in their approach, but instead focuses on supporting local organizations and community leaders to serve as a critical news source for their communities, in particular for residents who don’t often see themselves reflected in mainstream journalism.

– Nicole Pritchard, James Irvine Foundation, LPC Funder

LPC’s support has been much more than financial. At LPC I found a family that supports me, believes in me, and encourages me to challenge my own complexes. I am very fortunate and have received support and advice from many institutions, in one way or another, but I feel that I can ALWAYS count on LPC for anything. I do really think that LPC has my back.

– Maritza L. Félix, Founder of Conecta Arizona, LPC Partner

Thank You to Our Funders and Collaborators